SFTPPlus Release 4.4.0

Thu 06 August 2020 | general release

We are happy to announce the latest release of SFTPPlus, version 4.4.0.

New Features

  • You can now define filtering expressions based on current date and time. [#5450]
  • You can now configure extra HTTP headers to be sent with the requests made by the HTTP Authentication method. [server-side] [#5456]

Defect Fixes

  • If during the file transfer the source or destination locations are no longer available, the transfer will now be paused and will automatically resume once the locations are available. [client-side] [#5443]
  • When the destination location for a transfer is not available, the files found in the source are queued and will be transferred as soon as the location is available again. In previous versions, a manual restart of the transfer was required to transfer the queued files. [client-side] [#5444]
  • You can now use virtual directories together with the SFTP protocol. Due to a defect in previous versions, the virtual directories were only available via the FTP/FTPS and HTTP/HTTPS protocols. [server-side][sftp] [#5457]

You can check the full release notes here.