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Server-side software All protocols (FTPS/SFTP/SCP/HTTPS/AS2/WebDAV) Unlimited users and connections Deployed inside one OS, VM, Docker container, Kubernetes pod

£1240 GBP $1500 USD 1400 EUR per installation

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Server Cluster / Auto-scale Select maximum cluster size: Unlimited server-side connections and users. One cluster in a single region / zone / location. A cluster can be a set of VMs in a load balancer or Kubernetes/OpenShift Scalable instances deployment.

£3320 GBP $4020 USD 3760 EUR 5 instances 46% total discount

Client-side software All protocols (FTPS/SFTP/WebDAV) Unlimited transfers and files.

£600 GBP $750 USD €700 EUR per installation

Licence usage

One time product purchase, without recurrent yearly or monthly product payment.

Permanent / Perpetual software license with full functionality.

No limitations on concurrent users, connections, file sizes and the number of transfers.

Unlimited CPU cores, memory, and storage.

Cold disaster recovery (DR) instance included at no extra cost.

One testing (UAT) or Pre-production instance included at no extra cost.

Individual development instance included at no extra cost.


75% for one additional high availability / disaster recovery instance.

75% discount for additional testing / pre-production instances.

30% on our product to start-ups and small businesses with up to 10 employees.

Support and Maintenance

20% the license cost yearly subscription

Support via phone, email and remote screen sharing. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00 (UK time).

Free upgrades included.

Discounts do not apply to support packages.

Extended Support

needs quote per support option type

We help with guidance on the project planning, architecture, implementation and deployment. We also provide a range of support related services. You can learn more about it on our support options page.

Sales tax

Sales tax, VAT, import tax, tariffs and other taxes are not included in the listing on this page.

We are a UK based company and customers from the UK are required to pay UK VAT at current rates.

No extra tax is paid by customers from the European Union as long as they provide a VAT number.

Generally no other taxes are paid by international customers as software products don't have taxes or import/export tariffs that we are aware of.

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IBM Global Services Leidos Futjitsu IT UK VISA PerkinElmer Department for Transport Department for Works & Pensions Capita Amadeus (Germany) Standard Life Insurance Amplicare

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