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File Transfer Server with MFT capabilities

All standard protocols (FTPS/SFTP/SCP/HTTPS/WebDAV) Receive AS2 files (see client licence for sending AS2 files) Accepts connections from any standard 3rd party client software Unlimited users and connections Operates on bare-metal, VM, Docker container Licensed for Kubernetes as a single pod Trigger actions based on file transfers or external conditions HTTP API for integration with external micro-services Web GUI for configuration

£1400 GBP

$1720 USD 1600 EUR per install

Additional servers for a load balancer or a cluster

Up to 3 instances deployed in high availability via a load balancer or cluster Up to 3 replicas in a single Kubernetes ReplicaSet, StatefulSet, DaemonSet, or equivalent. Support with on-premise or cloud based load balancers Support Kubernetes, OpenShift and cloud providers Automatic configuration sync with the primary instance Contact us to enquire pricing for larger clusters.

60% of the server licence cost

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Automated MFT client transfer software

All protocols (FTPS/SFTP/WebDAV) Send AS2 files (see server licence for receiving AS2 files) Unlimited transfers and files Can connect to any standard 3rd party server Managed file transfer functionality Automatic retry and reporting of errors Centralized and structured logs for all actions Web GUI for configuration

£850 GBP

$1050 USD 980 EUR per install

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Technical support and Maintenance

Support via telephone, email, and remote screen sharing. Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00 (UK time). Out of office hours on-call support provided for 2 events per year. Request new functionalities to be added to our roadmap to meet your latest requirements. Free upgrades assurance is included for both major and minor releases.

20% of the up to date licence cost

yearly subscription

Consultancy services

Support for design, implementing and deploying your managed file transfer systems. Writing documentation, test plans and test execution. Monitoring the file transfers. Scheduled out of office technical assistance to support your production deployments. Everything included in our technical support and maintenance offering.

£2000 GBP

$2400 USD 2300 EUR for 20 hours of assistance

Total estimation 1488 GBP


One server (production) 1240 GBP
Extra servers for load balancer / Kubernetes 620 GBP
One MFT client 700 GBP
One test or pre-prod environment 0 (free) GBP
Support/maintenance (per year) 248 GBP

To renew existing licences, need more licences, or have questions about pricing get in touch by contacting us.

Transferable licence

You can transfer an existing licence while migrating between on-premise and cloud or changing the operating system.

Free Pre-production

One non-production licence can be used in a pre-production / testing / staging environment without extra cost.

This pre-production environment is fully covered by the support contract.

30% discount

Extra discount for our product to start-ups and small businesses with up to 10 employees.

Discount does not apply to the support subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

One time product purchase, without recurrent yearly or monthly product payment.

Permanent / Perpetual software license with full functionality.

No limitations on concurrent users, connections, file sizes and the number of transfers.

Unlimited CPU cores, memory, and storage.

Cold disaster recovery (DR) instance included at no extra cost.

One testing (UAT) or Pre-production instance included at no extra cost.

Individual development instance included at no extra cost.

No, it's not included.

However, one year of maintenance is included with the purchase of a perpetual licence.

Support provides:

  • security updates
  • enhancements
  • support for installation, best practice, usage & other questions

Yes. 24x7 support is available as part of our extended consultancy services.

We also provide a range of support related services. You can learn more about it on our support options page.

Contact us for details.


24x7 support is available as part of our extended consultancy services.

We help with guidance on the project planning, architecture, implementation, deployment and day to day operations.

Requests will be considered on case-by-case basis and at our discretion.

The main evaluation criteria for new features are the usefulness to other customers and preserving the backward compatibility.

Functionalities that benefit only a single customer can be implemented as part of our consultancy services.

The first 20 hours of consultancy are invoiced in advance.

Any additional hours are invoiced after the consultancy services were provided, in sets of 20 hours or as agreed at the time the service was contracted.


The SFTPPlus licence will not limit the number of users or connections.

You can configure SFTPPlus to enforce certain usage limits, but this fully under your control.


Sales tax, VAT (Value Added Tax), import tax, tariffs and other taxes are not included in the listing on this page. We are a UK based company and customers from the UK are required to pay UK VAT at current rates.

The majority of our customers complete the evaluation period in less than 30 days.

We are aware that certain projects might require more than that and we are ready to accommodate your needs and evaluation process to the complexity of any project.

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