API and Bespoken extension

Public API and Bespoken Versions

As part of the standard features, we provide public APIs to extend the identity management, file access, audit functionality and more of the SFTPPlus Server. HTTP based micro-services / endpoints or C / Python / Java code can be provided. To get started, we invite you to go through the HTTP API developer documentation.

If you need changes in the standard SFTPPlus product, we offer that in the support / purchase contract as additional clauses. Please contact us for further information including costs and conditions.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

For large projects (where site or enterprise licenses are purchased) we can offer an SDK together with tools which will allow you to build the product from the source.

If you need to modify the project, please first consult our public API or contact us about extending the public API or building a bespoken version. The SDK is designed to help you prevent vendor lock-ins.

The license permits the use of the code and changes for that specific project without allowing re-use of the code/license for another project or to sell the product or changes. The SDK is supported on all operating systems supported by the SFTPPlus Server. The SDK can also be used to build the product in HP CLOE, HP TestDrive or IBM VLP.

Please contact us for further information including costs and advice on integration.