12. Developer DocumentationΒΆ

This section documents using the SFTPPlus API and integrate SFTPPlus with HTTP microservices or Python applications.

As part of the standard features, we provide public APIs to extend the identity management, file access, audit functionality and more of the SFTPPlus Server using HTTP-based micro-services / endpoints.

The HTTP APIs can be used to integrate file transfer processes with disparate systems, such as web applications, that need to interface with SFTPPlus.

The Python API can be used to write custom event handlers.

We encourage developers to explore the API to see what is possible with the current implementation.

If you are an existing customer or interested in developing with the API beyond what is available in the documentation, please contact us for further information including costs and conditions.

We currently have documentation for HTTP-based micro-services / endpoints and Python-based event handlers. Please contact us for C / Java code examples or for more HTTP / Python examples.