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SFTPPlus is a multi-protocol, multi-platform managed file transfer solution.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of principles standing at the base of our product:

  • Multi-protocol
  • Multi-platform
  • Both client and server functionality in a single product
  • Automated and non-interactive client side transfer
  • Easy to configure and administrate
  • Can be configured via text file and command line tools
  • Can be configured using a web-based configuration tool
  • Stand-alone product without external dependencies - with the exception of the OpenSSL library.

This documentation includes instructions for performing installation, upgrade, configuration, and operational procedures.

The information is written for experienced Windows or Linux/Unix system administrators familiar with file transfer protocols.


Miscellaneous Topics

The documentation covers the features and functionality for the 3.49.0 release of SFTPPlus, and was last updated on June 24, 2019.