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SFTPPlus is a multi-protocol, multi-platform managed file transfer solution.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of principles standing at the base of our product:

  • Multi-protocol

  • Multi-platform

  • Both client and server functionality in a single product

  • Automated and non-interactive client side transfer

  • Easy to configure and administrate

  • Can be configured via text file and command line tools

  • Can be configured using a web-based configuration tool

  • Stand-alone product without external dependencies - with the exception of the OpenSSL library.

This documentation includes instructions for performing installation, upgrade, configuration, and operational procedures.

The information is written for experienced administrators of Windows or Unix-like systems, familiar with file transfer protocols.


Miscellaneous Topics

The documentation covers the features and functionality for the 5.3.0 release of SFTPPlus, and was last updated on May 17, 2024.