Roadmap of SFTPPlus

Release Schedule

Regular minor releases are based on a rolling update development model at intervals varying between 4 and 6 weeks.

Critical-bugfix releases are made as soon as a defect is fixed, usually, one week after it has been initially discovered and reported.

Security issues have top priority and a fix is released in one or two days.

Features planned for the near future

SFTPPlus is under continuous development and we add features with each new release.

The following is a list of features planned for the following releases as updated on 2022-06-07:

  • Automatically synchronize the configuration between multiple SFTPPlus installations. [server-side][#4702]
  • Add support for backing the server-side account storage using cloud storage accounts.
  • Add support for pushing and pulling files to Amazon Web Services S3 buckets. [#5375]
  • Manage SSL certificates from the web management console. This will add features such as being able to sign or renew a certificate, or configure a service to use a managed certificate. [server-side][#3624]
  • Add client-side support for pushing and pulling files to Google Cloud Storage buckets.

Bug fixes are prioritized according to severity, including the impact on the production environment or security. The most urgent bug fixes are worked on continuously until fixed and escalated through the support and development team as necessary.

Check all our release announcements in our news section.