Data Loss Prevention - Systems, Software and Strategies

What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

Data Loss Prevention (or DLP for short) is the application of technology and policies in order to detect and prevent potential data breaches and data ex-filtration. Data that is of particular interest include sensitive emails, documents and other information leaving the organizational boundary. Data …

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Thu 19 April 2018

Understanding the exchange between SFTP Client and SFTP Server

Why read this?

As part of meeting the Accounting component of the AAA (Authorization, Authentication and Accounting) framework, each event and action on the server and/or the client-side are recorded by SFTPPlus. These events have an associated Event ID which is also publicly searchable both on our website and …


Thu 08 March 2018

Tips to managing your file transfer requirements

Designing a file transfer system can be a difficult task. Which file transfer protocols should I use? Do I need server-side or client-side software or both? How do I authenticate my file transfer users securely?

Your first step in this journey is to understand your requirements. In this post, we …

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Fri 16 February 2018