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Secure File Transfers for Government Agencies and Departments

Since 2007, we have provided services to government agencies and departments from the United Kingdom, Germany to the United States.

  • Compliance with open standards allows for an easy-to-integrate solution with established IT infrastructure.
  • Extended automation features allow interacting with external software and services from inside the infrastructure.
  • A complete audit trail of executed operations will ensure that your IT team is prepared for any auditing and logging requirements set by industry regulations.

SFTPPlus MFT Client and Server takes care of multiple operations within the organizations' infrastructure bringing many benefits to document administration and internal workflows.

Industry Compliant File Transfers for Healthcare (HIPAA, PHI, PII)

The provision of our software in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare and medical practice, has been made possible by the following features:

  • Features and audit trails that integrate with your existing ePHI-facing infrastructure to help support your HIPAA/HITECH compliance requirements.
  • Our developer documentation, API and SDK provides flexibility when building integrations. Our software has been used to extend the application in a number of industries — from pharmacies and hospitals to insurance company services.
  • Full audit logging and support for databases, including MySQL, saves time and provides transparency in real time.
  • Encryption support helps secure PII and PHI data — such as patient information and insurance information. For example, only use ciphers that are FIPS 140-2 compliant.

Here at iMedicare, we work with sensitive healthcare data, which requires us to maintain high-security standards when it comes to data transfers over the network. One other aspect SFTPPlus helps us with is a seamless integration between business logic of our applications and the SFTP server, where the server API combined with the server events provides a reliable communication layer between our processes.

— Customer review from Alex, Amplicare (formerly iMedicare) Product Team

File Synchronization and Secure Transfer of Data in Education

Educational institutions offer various internal services for their students and employees. Some services take care of the distribution of the academic and research data in a secure way between staff, students, and external institutions or agencies.

Our customers in this industry successfully used the SFTPPlus MFT for multiple purposes:

  • SFTPPlus compliance with the standard file transfer protocols allows for the seamless integration and synchronization between the intranet accounts and the backup or external servers.
  • The easy setup of the external authentication support of the student accounts allows for easy access to the personal and staff file server services.
  • Real time file access audit and reporting saves time for IT teams.

Secure File Transfer Automation for Retail and Manufacturing Industries

Supply chain industries — such as retail and manufacturing — face unique challenges when exchanging data and files. These include handling complex data transfer operations, ensuring data synchronization between departments and managing AAA (authorization, access, and accounting) systems. SFTPPlus proved to not only secure data but also provide flexible solutions to tackle these industry challenges — all can be negotiated within a lean budget.

Some of the use-cases where SFTPPlus worked great for our customers:

  • We provide automation for file transfers to help manage the complex interactions between departments in order to eliminate human errors or delays associated with manual transfers.
  • Our solution is an on-premises software with web-based support for secure file uploads of data. For external vendors, this functionality eliminates the limitations of email or the need for slow external products/services.
  • Pre- and post- transfer processing options enable you to include additional internal workflows through the use of custom scripts and commands (e.g. printing, faxing, antivirus check etc.).
  • As part of managing complex access controls between departments, we can integrate with existing IT infrastructure - whether it is LDAP, Active Directory or RBAC-based environments - as well as offer application-level permissions.

We are very happy with the product so far, and the first production server is running great. 135,000 XML files transferred without a hitch in the first two days.

— Customer review from Nils, Director of Operations, Ixmal Intelesis

Managed File Transfers for Financial Institutions

Financial and banking institutions require stability, transparency, and data integrity. Our industry clients use our application for their workflow-sensitive file transfer operations and other mission-critical data integrations with examples below.

  • Financial organizations must secure their financial and PII data. They also have specific requirements related to their industry such as meeting data protection controls and securing IT file transfer infrastructure. We work with financial clients to help meet these obligations when using our software or via our consultancy services.
  • Our financial clients have file transfer and data accountabilities. We help meet their requirements — from ensuring data integrity when transferring files, to extensive documentation - so that administrators are well-equipped to configure the application. Reliable integrations with existing infrastructure are also readily available since we provide bespoke versions, API, and SDKs for custom requirements as part of extended support.
  • IT requirements in this industry must also be security-focused. In addition to secure file transfer protocols, we provide extensive logging of the following; business traffic crossing a boundary, change of status to an account, server or service, file transfer-related network activity and connections, session-related activity and the ability to create alerts for any critical events.

I have to give kudos to whoever wrote this, it’s very clean and simple to understand.

— Customer review from Haitham, Technical Leadership Team Member

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Supported platforms: Windows, Linux (Red Hat, Amazon, Ubuntu, Alpine, etc.), macOS, Docker, OpenShift, containers and more.

Supported protocols: FTP, FTPS, SFTP (over SSH), SCP, HTTPS, WebDAV.