We are happy to announce the latest release of SFTPPlus, version 4.3.0.

New Features

  • You can now generate a self-signed certificate using the admin-command command line tool. [#239]
  • You can now configure the URL suffix used for the HTTP/HTTPS public access. [server-side][http][https] [#2586]
  • SFTPPlus can now use unencrypted OpenSSH RSA or DSA private keys stored as the openssh-key-v1 format. [sftp][scp] [#5435-1]
  • Alpine Linux 3.12 on x86_64 is now a supported platform. [#5435] [#5435]
  • The event with ID 50005 emitted when a configuration change is requested from the Local Manager now includes the UUID of the newly created component. [local-manager] [#5439]
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 was added as a platform with limited support. RHEL5 will each end of life in November 2020. Contact us if you need to run SFTPPlus on RHEL5. [#5448]

Defect Fixes

  • You can now use SFTPPlus on localized Windows versions. In previous versions, SFTPPlus was only working when English was the main language. [windows] [#1446]
  • You can now run SFTPPlus on Linux from an installation path containing Unicode/non-ASCII characters. [linux] [#2074]
  • Redirecting to directory paths containing Unicode characters no longer generates an internal server error. [server-side][http][https] [#2586]
  • When a file scheduled to be transferred is removed from source, transfer attempts will no longer occur for it. [client-side] [#3796-1]
  • When a file scheduled to be transferred is modified while waiting in the queue, transfer attempts will no longer occur for it. [client-side] [#3796]
  • When a transfer is manually stopped, pending retry attempts are canceled. In previous versions, the transfer of the latest file was still retried. [client-side] [#5390]
  • To reduce temporary memory allocations for running external processes, they are now executed by a dedicated process. [#5407]
  • Waiting for a file to be retried will not block the other files queued for the transfer. [client-side] [#5436]
  • A transfer is no longer retried and fails right away if the source file no longer exists on the source location. [client-side] [#5438]
  • Microsoft Certificate Authority root certificates were updated to include the new DigiCert SHA2 Secure Server CA used for Microsoft's login page. [client-side][sharepoint]. [#855]
  • The SysV init script properly manages the SFTPPlus daemon process again. This regression was introduced in version 4.2.0. [linux][#5446]
  • Self-signed certificates automatically created when initializing configuration are no longer created with Version 3. This fixes an error raised by latest Chrome-based browsers which resulted in rejecting HTTPS connections using these certificates. [https][#5446]

You can check the full release notes here.