We are happy to announce the latest release of SFTPPlus, version 4.1.0.

New Features

  • The LDAP authentication method now provides the option to construct the home folder path based on an LDAP attribute and a template. [server-side] [#1863-1]
  • You can now configure a default domain for LDAP users when used together with an Active Directory server. [server-side] [#1863]
  • The HTTP Request event handler can now send an event as an XML SOAP message or as a generic XML document. [#1973]
  • The SFTPPlus instance name is now visible in the Local Manager web-based administration console. [#5296]
  • You can now test the configuration of the email sender resource. [#5405-1]
  • You can now define a default list of email recipients used for sending email when there is no explicit configuration. [#5405-2]
  • You can now configure the SSL/TLS details for the email resource. [smtp][email] [#5405]
  • Destination path for a file dispatcher can now be defined based on extra event attributes other than the source path. [#55]
  • You can now configure multiple remote SSH/SFTP server identities for an SFTP location. This can be used for connecting to a disaster recovery server which uses a separate SSH identity. [client-side][sftp] [#135]

Defect Fixes

  • Firefox auto-completion no longer applies to the ssl_domain field for various services and the username and password values for email resources. [#1792]
  • The link for changing passwords is no longer visible for accounts authenticated using X.509 TLS/SSL certificates. [server-side][https] [#2828]
  • The email client resource now works with email servers over TLS 1.2. In previous versions, it was only working over older TLS versions. [#5404]

Deprecations and Removals

  • OS accounts are no longer supported on Apple macOS. [server-side] [#3135]
  • The install-service option was removed from the admin-command.bat command line tool. There is now a dedicated command named sftpplus-service.exe for managing the SFTPPlus Windows service. [windows] [#3878]
  • The legacy WebAdmin authentication method is no longer supported. If you are still using the SFTPPlus PHP Webadmin authentication, you can use the generic HTTP authentication method together with PHP WebAdmin version 1.11.0 or newer. [server-side] [#425]
  • The OS authentication method now requires explicit configuration for the allowed list of operating system groups. In previous versions, when the "allowed_groups" was not defined, the OS authentication was allowing users from any OS group. [security] [#4972]

You can check the full release notes here.