HTTPS, FTPS, and SFTP with Docker and OpenShift

Wed 30 January 2019 | blog

For some time, we have been maintaining an MIT-licensed GitHub repository to ease the creation and running of SFTPPlus Docker instances.

Whether you are already a customer of ours, or currently evaluating SFTPPlus, simply head over to our GitHub repository, clone, and follow the instructions to run an SFTPPlus instance in Docker.

To further aid in quickly trying out a version of SFTPPlus in Docker, we are pleased to announce the creation of a SFTPPlus Docker Hub repo.

Docker Hub banner

You can now simply pull from Docker Hub our latest 3.44.0 trial image for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 / CentOS 7.0 (or other compatible OS'es) with a single command:

docker pull proatria/sftpplus-trial:3.44.0-centos7

In this way, you can evaluate a dockerized FTPS and SFTP server with minimum effort.

The Docker Hub repository only contains the evaluation version. For production use you will most probably want to change the configuration to meet your requirements.

To build your own Docker image, check the scripts and instructions used to build the evaluation image in our aforementioned GitHub repo.

Similar commands can be used to deploy the Debian Linux 8 image pushed to Docker Hub as:


To offer a Docker image with minimal disk size, our Docker Hub repository also covers Alpine Linux, a distribution for "power users who appreciate security, simplicity and resource efficiency". To get the Alpine Linux 3.7 image, use:

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Our Dockerfile and the images derived from it do not require running the process as root inside the container. Therefore, you can deploy them in OpenShift with a single command as well:

oc new-app proatria/sftpplus-trial:3.44.0-centos7

A users guide for deploying SFTPPlus with Docker containers is available in our Docker documentation page.

Evaluating SFTPPlus MFT

The features listed in this article are just a selected few out of many integration and configuration options that are available today. Feel free to talk to the Support team about your requirements with file transfer software.

SFTPPlus MFT Server supports FTP, Explicit FTPS, Implicit FTPS, SFTP, SCP, HTTP and HTTPS.

SFTPPlus MFT is available as an on-premise solution supported on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

It is also available on the cloud as Docker containers, AWS or Azure instances and many other cloud providers.

Request a trial using the form below.