We are pleased to announce the latest release of SFTPPlus, version 3.19.0.

The target of this release is fixing a series of defects.

In this release we have introduced support for macOS Sierra (10.12) with the OpenSSL 1.0.2 provided by the Homebrew project, making TLS 1.2 supported on Apple OS X.

The following are some of the defect fixes targeted in this release:

  • When a resource is disconnected it will now be in the Disconnected state instead of the previous Stalled state. When the source or destination for a transfer are not available the state will be Source has failed or Destination has failed instead of the previous Stalled state.
  • A transfer with scheduled resume/stop action will no longer have the actions active after the transfer was stopped.
  • Fix the issue when event data is not displayed in the "Attached data" section on event details page. The page is available from "Past activity" page ("Local Manager") by clicking on any event link.
  • An internal server error is no longer produced when the SSH server is sending a global request.
  • Installing on Linux with partitions mounted with noexec or with SELinux restriction will no longer trigger a MemoryError.
  • The restart required label is no longer displayed for components which are in the process of being started, but only for those which are already started and operational.
  • The configuration file for the SFTP service which is created by default as part of the installation process was fixed to point to the right DSS/DSA private key. It was wrongly pointing to the RSA key. The configuration file should be dsa_private_key = configuration/ssh_host_dsa_key instead of the wrong dsa_private_key = configuration/ssh_host_rsa_key.
  • An internal error is no longer raised when calling the admin-commands command line tool with unknown parameters.
  • Globbing/wildcard operation are now available for the FTP NLST command. This regression was introduced in 3.17.0.
  • The stop operation for a SFTP location will no longer hang when stopping from the stalled or disconnected state.
  • Monitoring a SFTP location for changes will no longer hang for a SFTP transfer when the folder listing operation is done in the same time as the remote server is closing the connection.

You can check the full release notes.