client-side server-side security

14.3. FIPS 140-2 Obligations

Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules (FIPS 140-2), specifies the security requirements that will be satisfied by a cryptographic module utilized within a security system protecting sensitive information. Further details are available in this document published by the National Institute for Standards and Technology.

The server supports all FIPS-140 compliant cryptographic algorithms, as well as other algorithms required by older or non FIPS-140 compliant endpoints.

We acknowledge that, for many, FIPS 140-2 compliance is an important security reference. We want to highlight that this is a standard which was released in December 2002 and not updated since. With the fast pace at which the computer security landscape is evolving, a standard defined in 2002 should not be considered up to date.

FIPS 140-3 update was not yet released due to disagreement in the US government and the updated document is not yet ready for consumption as of this writing. Meanwhile, use the guidance from PCI and ISO/IEC 24759:2017 standards.

To help assist those with FIPS 140-2 obligations, we have created this page to outline which portion of SFTPPlus functionality applies to FIPS 140-2.


While SFTPPlus is not FIPS 140-2 certified and does not have a certification number, it can be configured to run with a set of ciphers and cryptographic algorithms that are complaint to the FIPS 140-2 standard.

14.3.1. Changing SSH Cipher List

The fips configuration value in the ssh_cipher_list configuration option can be used to allow using only FIPS 140-2 compliant ciphers and algorithms for the SSH-based services.

By using the fips keyword in this configuration, a pre-defined set of FIPS 140-2 approved ciphers is available. When FIPS 140-2 ciphers are enabled, any other configured cipher in the list is ignored.

Further details are available at the ssh_cipher_list in the SSH (SFTP and SCP) Service page.

14.3.2. FIPS 140-2 compliance

We believe that we have followed the requirements laid out in the FIPS 140-2 computer security standard for Security Level 1 and that SFTPPlus meets those requirements.

According to NIST, Security Level 1 covers basic security requirements specified for a cryptographic module. No specific physical security mechanisms are required in a Security Level 1 cryptographic module beyond the basic requirement for production-grade components.

14.3.3. Roadmap to FIPS 140-2 certification

Supporting the FIPS 140-2 certification is on our roadmap, but the product has not yet been certified.