11.3. File system access

11.3.1. Overview

This page describes how SFTPPlus handles native file system access on both Unix-like and Windows platforms for the client-side operations. File system permissions

For accounts authenticated as server application accounts, all accounts are mapped to the same OS account and they will have the same permissions.

For application accounts, all file system activity will be executed under the account specified by the [server] account configuration option. Application accounts are locked into their home directories.

The client would need close to full control with permissions.

Windows administrators can further allocate advanced permission settings. In this case, they can also choose to exclude the following permissions - Read Permissions, Change Permissions, Take Ownership, and Write Extended Attributes.

Files on Windows having the read-only attribute set are removed, renamed, moved, and copied without getting an access denied error.


Read-only files cannot be modified, but they can be copied, moved, renamed, or deleted. It is possible that moving, renaming, or deleting a read-only file can cause a program that relies on that file to stop working properly.