2.9. Uninstalling SFTPPlus on Windows

Uninstalling SFTPPlus is a straightforward process, and it can be initiated using any of the following methods:

  • Using the Uninstall SFTPPlus link from the Windows Programs Menu.

  • Using the Programs and Features Windows feature in Control Panel.

  • From a command line, by running the uninstaller available in the SFTPPlus installation folder.

Regardless of the uninstallation method used, the following sub-directories in the installation directory will have to be manually removed once the process is completed:

  • configuration

  • log

2.9.1. Silently uninstalling SFTPPlus

In order to silently uninstall SFTPPlus, open a command line with full administrator access rights (Run As Administrator).

Then go to the installation path of SFTPPlus and run the uninstaller with the following parameters:

SFTPPlus-windows-x86-VERSION-uninstall.exe /S _?=Installation\Path


  • VERSION - is the version of SFTPPlus running in your environment

  • /S - makes the uninstallation process silent

  • _? - defines the installation directory.