9.1. Authentication methods introduction

You can define multiple authentication methods. You can configure the order in which these methods are used.


Not all authentication method types support authenticating the administrators for the Web Manager service.

9.1.1. Adding a new authentication method via Web Manager

A new authentication method can be added or changed via Web Manager below. Options will differ depending on which authentication method is used.

See below for an example starting configuration for the LDAP method of authentication.


9.1.2. Adding a new authentication method via text configuration

Adding a new authentication method is done by creating a new section inside the configuration file. The name of the section should be prefixed with authentications/ and followed by the method's UUID.

The method's UUID can be any unique string used to identify the authentication method. Once defined, the UUID should not be changed.

For more information, please see the dedicated UUID documentation.

For example, to add a new authentication method of type http called First tier partners:

name = First tier partners
description = Authentication based on the DUSI web application.
type = http

9.1.3. Activating an authentication method

Once defined, authentication methods require explicit activation by defining the ordered list of active authentication methods for the server authentication configuration option.

In this way, you can define multiple authentication methods and set their priorities. Once an account is successfully authenticated using a set method, the server will not try the remaining methods.

The following example will define a configuration in which the authentication with UUID b904ed23-a234-4ccf-8abd-edcae4d3324f is tried first. If the first method cannot authenticate the account, the server will try to authenticate it using the method with UUID ed123e-4d4724f:

name = VSP server
description = Frontend for FG partners.

authentications = b904ed23-a234-4ccf-8abd-edcae4d3324f, ed123e-4d4724f