6.2. General location options

6.2.1. Introduction

A location configuration provides the required information to allow SFTPPlus to connect to local or remote locations in order to perform file transfers between locations.

Please consult the type configuration option to see the list of supported location types.

Locations are auto-started when a transfer or another component needs them and the location is not started and connected.

They are also fault-tolerant, allowing retries for interrupted connections.

Transfers using a failed location will also fail and will not trigger a new connection attempt for the location. In this type of scenario, the failed location must be manually started first, after resolving the initial error.

6.2.2. Adding a new location via Web Manager

A new location can be added or changed via Web Manager below. Options will differ depending on which location type is used.

See below for an example of an initial configuration with the FTPES location.


6.2.3. Adding a new location via text configuration

Adding a new location configuration is done by creating a new section inside the configuration file. The name of the section should be prefixed with locations/ and followed by the location's UUID.

The location's UUID can be any unique string used to identify the location. Once defined, the UUID should not be changed.

For more information, please see the dedicated UUID documentation.

For example, to add a new location configuration of type filesystem called Local file system:

name = Local file system
description = File system accesses as service account.
type = filesystem